About us

VarnaIX is neutral Internet exchange point located in Varna, Bulgaria. We have presence in couple points and data centers in Varna and region. We constantly growing and offering to the members best services and connectivity we can.

What is peering and why you have to join to VarnaIX?

When you join to VarnaIX, you will be able to exchange traffic from your network to the others members networks. The only limitation is the speed of your port to the VarnaIX. This way you will save your upstreams bandwidth and will have better lattency

How much will cost to join?

Right now we do not charging for joining nor apply any monthly taxes to members. If we decide in future to apply charges, it will be to cover our expenses for network infrastructure upgrades. However in our points of pressence you may need to pay for cabling or other taxes. Also you will need to provide all needed equipment from your side of the link, and an optical fiber. We also can provide all you needed, thru our partners, but all expenses will have to be covered by you.

Summary traffic statistic


(19.12.2020) Belcloud LTD joined VarnaIX in Varna city

(08.12.2020) Bulgarian Telecommunications Company Plc. joinning VarnaIX in Varna city after 10.12.2020

(02.12.2020) Unacs LTD joined VarnaIX in Burgas city

(30.07.2020) Kentavar M LTD joined VarnaIX in Varna city

(16.07.2020) Bulgartel EAD joined VarnaIX in Varna city

(07.05.2020) MG 2002 Ltd joined VarnaIX in Burgas city

(05.05.2020) Illusion net Ltd joined VarnaIX in Burgas city

(04.05.2020) Digital Communications Ltd joined VarnaIX in Burgas city

(02.05.2020) VarnaIX deployed switch in Burgas city !

(11.04.2020) Testing ROA+IRR validation on RS2 (see Route Policy)

(08.04.2020) M SAT Cable SA joined VarnaIX